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Amend the Constitution
to Guarantee Everyone
a Job at a Living Wage

Pay Laid-Off Workers
Two Months
Severance for Every
Year of Service

Restore Workers
Rights to Organize,
Bargain and Strike

End Bigotry:
An Injury to One
Is an Injury to All

Guarantee Universal
Access to Quality
Health Care

More Time
for Family
and Community

Our Families

Ensure Everyone
Access to Quality
Public Education

Stop Corporate
Abuse of Trade

End Corporate
Welfare As
We Know It

Make the Wealthy
Pay Their Fair Share
of Taxes

Revitalize the
Public Sector

End Corporate
Domination of

Build a Just
to Protect Jobs
and the

Enforce Safety &
Health Regulation
with Worker

Reclaim the
Job Design,
and Skill


from the First

Just Healthcare

Workplace Bill of Rights

Fair Trade Campaign

Protect Social Security

Organizing Resolution:
LP Style of Work

Organizing Resolution:
Change the Party Structure

Organizing Resolution:
More LP Campaigns

General Resolutions
and Solidarity

A Call for Economic Justice:
The Labor Party Program

Labor Party

Labor Party
Implementation Agreement

Feature Story

Free to speak ... assemble ... organize!

Free to speak.
Free to Assemble.

Free to Organize.
A new Labor Party discussion paper ("Toward a New Labor Law")
takes a new look at "labor rights" in the United States, examining the idea that workers' rights are human rights. In this issue of the Labor Party Press, we examine the concepts underlying this idea, talk with the paper's authors and get reactions from a range of union activists.

Our main story

Free to Speak.
Free to Assemble.
Free to Organize.

Conversations with:
 Ed Bruno
LP Organizer
 Peter Kellman
Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy
Jim Pope
Rutgers Law Professor
 Libby Devlin
Organizing Director, SEIU 285 (MA)
 Leanna Noble
Field Organizer, UE (CA)
 Jill Furillo
Dir., Gov. Relations,
California Nurses Association
 Enid Eckstein
AFL-CIO Field Mobilization (MA)
 Jerry Fishbein
UNITE Joint Board, New England
 Richard Moser
National Organizer,
American Association of University Professors

Photo 2000 PACE Int'l. Union

2000 Elections
Labor Party Wins
Big at the Polls!

Building Our Party
Election Has Message
For Labor Party

A Column by the Labor Party's
National Organizer Tony Mazzocchi

Congress/Clinton Okay
More Immigrants to —

Sweat for High Tech

Sweat for Hight Tech ... (David Bacon photo)


Highly skilled immigrants find themselves working in high tech sweatshops — and Silicon Valley has won permission to exploit even more workers ...

Photo 2000 David Bacon,
Impact Visuals

Labor Party
A Call for 100 Volunteers

Labor Party Documents
The resolutions and documents acted on by the First Constitutional Convention are available in the LP Documents area (and listed at left).

On-line Flier:
Labor Party's
Action Program

Labor Party Press
Volume Six,

Number One

December, 2000 -
January, 2001

Published bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September and November.

Annual membership dues are $20 ($10 low income) which include $4 for a one-year subscription to the Labor Party Press

1532 16th St., NW
Washington, DC 20036
PHONE: 202-234-5190
FAX: 202-234-5266

Interim National Council
(in formation)

Bob Clark, Bill Kane,  Baldemar Velasquez & Barbara Walden

At Large: representatives of PACE, UE, BMWE, ILWU, CNA, AFGE, UMWA, CA State Council of Carpenters, and FLOC;  Noel Beasley, Joanne Bell, Dave Campbell, Marilyn Clement, Donna Dewitt, Mark Dimondstein, Lisa Frank, Ed Grystar, Gary Holloway, Cheri Honkala, Bill Kane, Kathy King, Ed Kornegay, Jr., Dan McCarthy, Adolph Reed, Jr., Tim Schermerhorn, Brenda Stokely, Sean Sweeney, Barbara Walden, Gerry Zero

Chris Townsend, Gerry Zero, Joanne Bell

Interim National Organizer:
Tony Mazzocchi


Bob Brown, Mid-Atlantic
243 Livingston Ave.
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Tel: 732-418-1721;
Fax: 732-846-3939

Ed Bruno, New England
515 Washington St, 3rd Fl
Boston, MA 02111

Tel: 617-531-0901;
Fax: 617-531-0902

Leo Seidlitz, Pacific
1188 Franklin St.,

Suite 203
San Francisco, CA 94109
Tel: 415-440-4809;
Fax: 415-440-9297

Laura McClure

Contributing Editors:
Peter Gilmore, Adolph Reed, Jr.

Gary Huck, Mike Konopacki, Bill Yund

Jenny Brown, Impact Visuals: David Bacon, Slobodan Dimitrov, Jennifer Warburg and others.

Thanks to:
Philomena Mariani for editorial expertise; Rick Peduzzi, this web issue.

The Labor Party Press is produced by members of the Paper, Allied-Industrial, Chemical and Energy Workers International Union and the National Writers Union/U.A.W.

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