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November, 2000

Gore/Bush Coming.
Major Fight Ahead

Capitol Hill Shop Steward
We'll Hold You to That ...

Building Our Party
From California to South
Carolina, People are Mad
About Health Care

Just Health Care
Seattle Labor Party
Builds Statewide Coalition

It's Academic
Make College
Free for Everyone

Labor Party Press
News & Short Takes

Labor Party
A Call for 100 Volunteers

September, 2000

Just Adopt Just Health Care
The Labor Party's Detailed Plan
On How Just Health Care Could
and Would Work in the U.S.A.

Building Our Party
Con Jobs

Capitol Hill Shop Steward
Try These Appetizers

Dirty Money 2000

LP Sparks NJ Campaign
Justice Under the Law

Technology & Health
LP Weighs in on Human Genome Project

Labor Party Video
A Party of Our Own

Labor Party
A Call for 100 Volunteers

July, 2000

Wall Street's Wacky Exuberance

Building Our Party
Sweden's Social Wage

Capitol Hill Shop Steward
No Blank Checks!

Conversation with
Chris Driscoll, D.C. Labor Party
We Put the IMF/World Bank On the Defensive

Two Million Behind Bars
Making a Crime of Class

Labor Party Press
News & Short Takes

Labor Party
A Call for 100 Volunteers

May, 2000

Cesspooling Their $$$
How Corporations are Buying the Election

Capitol Hill Shop Steward
McCain: Handle
With Tongs

Conversation with Kathleen O'Nan
HMO Mergers vs. My Mother and Me

When They Retire
Will They Have Health Care?

Building Our Party
Don't Wait, Organize

Labor Party Press
News & Short Takes

Labor Party
Organizing Notes & Short Takes

March, 2000

In the Wake of Seattle
We've Barely Begun
- Introduction
- Nix it or Fix It
- Only a Beginning

Building Our Party:
After Seattle: What's
Possible, What's Next

Capitol Hill Shop Steward
Beware the Home Office Police

Labor Party Event
Streep Headlines Evening Honoring Silkwood

Labor Party Press
News & Short Takes

Labor Party
Organizing Notes & Short Takes

January, 2000

Bill Bradley's
Unjust Health Care

Just Health Care
84% of Somerville, Mass.
Voters Want Just Health Care

Corporate Assault
Down on Farms:
Trouble in Paradise

February 11-14
Open World Conference
Takes on 'Free Trade'

Capitol Hill Shop Steward
Clinton's Labor Legacy

Book Review
How Workers
Won At Ravenswood

Labor Party
Organizing Notes & Short Takes

November, 1999

World Trade Keep Away
WTO vs. the People
There is Hope
Wages, Inequality and Work: a Roundup

Just Health Care
LP's Just Heath Care
Campaign Moves Ahead

Capitol Hill Shop Steward
Tax Cut Tempest

Politics: Money Talks
2000 Election Update

Conservatives Attack
Labor Activism:
The Right Challenges Our Might

Karen Silkwood Remembered

March of the Americas:
KWRU Marches to UN
For Basic Human Rights

November 20th:
Quality Education For All in
The New Millennium

Massachusetts LP Conference
Defending Public Education

Conversation with Margaret Gutshall
Detroit LP Spurs Recruitment

Labor Party
Organizing Notes & Short Takes

September, 1999

Money Talks ... They Listen
Al Gore
George W. Bush
Bill Bradley
Patrick J. Buchanan
Elizabeth Dole

Capitol Hill Shop Steward:
Let's Ask Al Gore: Which Side Are You On?
(And Be Specific!)

Campaign Launch:
Just Health Care Airs Nationally

Conversation with Greg Gigg
Just Health Care Headed for
The Ballot in a Third Community

Labor Party Organizing Notes & Short Takes

Relax! (and Support Global Labor Standards)

July, 1999

Civil Rights ... Even at Work
Democrats and Workers' Rights
Organizing Facts: At Home and Abroad
Labor Party's Call for a Workplace Bill of Rights

Just Healthcare Radio a Hit!

Capitol Hill Shop Steward:
Add Money and Stir!

Labor Party Organizing Notes & Short Takes

Agrichemical Corporations:
Sci-Fi Food

May, 1999

Just Healthcare Campaign Kickoff

Tax Racket

Capitol Hill Shop Steward:
Hot Tip — Invest in Barges!

Social Security Thoughts and Corrections

Bob Kasen 1935 - 1999:
Life of Integrity

Conversation with Al Achtner:
Iowa Organizing

Labor Party Reorganizes

Photo: Kensington Welfare Rights Union
Protesting Pennsylvania's Welfare Rights Cutoff

March, 1999

Don't Blow Away Social Security

Capitol Hill Shop Steward:
A Tale of Two Citizens

Bleeding Medicare

Clinton to Steelworkers: "Too Bad!"

Labor Party: Recruiting Tales and Other Short Takes

Huck/Konopacki Labor Cartoons IV:
Plucky Pair's Punchy Picks

January, 1999


Set to Organize!
Main Convention Story

Chapters Convene

Conversations with ...

Convention Speakers ...

In Massachusetts:
Just Healthcare Wins at Polls

Capitol Hill Shop Steward:
Who Can You Trust?

Press Coverage:
Labor Party Gets Ink

Labor Party Art:
Two Worlds

Convention Work:

November, 1998


Just Health Care (and why I Hate My HMO...)

Just Health Care: How Do We Get It — The Labor Party Proposals

What's Wrong with US Health Care

Universal Access to Quality Healthcare

Interview with Kit Costello, President of the California Nurses Association and Labor Party co-chair, about Health Care Reform

A conversation with Kathleen Connors, President of Canada's National Federation of Nurses Unions


Our next stage: On November 13, 14, and 15, union and community activists from all over the country will come to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to move the Labor Party to its next stage

Labor Party's 1st Constitutional Convention Delegate & Observer Information

A conversation with Gloria Mattera, member of the Labor Party's New York Metro Chapter

A conversation with Bob Rombeiro, Chief Steward, UE Local 212

A conversation with Barbara Walden, resident of Local 19 of the Bakery, Confectionery, and Tobacco Workers International Union in Cleveland, Ohio, and a member of the Labor Party's Interim National Council

A conversation with Adolph Reed, Jr., Labor Party Interim National Council member

A conversation with Carl Rosen, President of District 11 of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), member, Chicago Chapter of the Labor Party

September, 1998

No, the Private Sector
Doesn't Do It Better

Where Does the Labor
Party Stand on Privatization?

Conversation on Privatization
With Jim Davis, Pres. AFGE Local 987

Fighting Hate
With Class Solidarity

Capitol Hill Shop Steward:
A Nice Little Summer Hit List

Organizing on the Railroad:
A Conversation with Mark Barbour

Interim National Council:
Council Analyzes LP Recruiting

Organizing Notes
And Short Takes

May, 1998

Our Capitol Hill Shop Steward

Special Report: A Debate on the Labor
Party's Future Electoral Strategy

Questions Being Asked About the Labor
Party's Future Electoral Strategy

Labor Party Press Staff Box

Solidarity Is Our Right!: Labor Party Members
Help Send Scab Ship Neptune Jade Packing,
OCAW Takes On Crown Petroleum

1st Constitutional Convention Rules

Current List of Endorsing Unions

Labor Party Bodies Around the Country

Slap Shots From Beverly Enterprises

Who Grows Our Food??

Interview with Labor Party Member
Grady Fitzgerald, Mailhandlers Local 300

The IMF and Globalization, What it is

Important Information on Your
Web Browser and Changes
to the Labor Party Press Online

March, 1998

2 Parties Give Us 6 New
Reasons for 1 Party for US

With Friends Like These...
Our Capitol Hill Shop Steward

Official Call for the 1st Constitutional
Convention of the Labor Party

1st Constitutional Convention Rules

Report on the Labor Party's
Future Electoral Strategy

Current List of Endorsing Unions

28th  Amendment: NEXT STEPS

Labor Party's Interim National Council Convenes

A Strange State of Affairs -- Doug Henwood

An Important Note on Web Browsers
From the LP Internet Coordinator

January, 1998

The Bosses Have An Agenda, So Should We...
Chris Townsend, Capitol Hill Shop Steward

Labor Party Press Staff Box...Who We Are

End Corporate Domination of Elections

Moves Toward State Labor Party Organizations/
28 Amendment Campaign News

Labor Party News Briefs

Organizing Tools

November, 1997

The Rich Get Richer...

28th Amendment Campaign:
In the Unions, In the Community

Beware the Team Scheme...
Chris Townsend, Capitol Hill Shop Steward

Bipartisan Budget Bill Boosts Billionaires

Taft-Hartley: A Workers'
Nightmare for last 50 years

Organizing Tools

September, 1997

Who We Are....A Listing Of LP Endorsing Unions
& A Summery of the Call for Economic Justice

MAI: NAFTA On Steroids

Labor Party Press Staff Box

Chris Townsends Capitol Hill Shop Steward:
Health Care Wars and An Interview With David Himmelstein

More On Healthcare: The Bottom Line On For-profit Systems:
Invterview With AFSCME's Gemma Zeigler

U.S. Healthcare Corporations vs. The World:
Global Reach or Gloval Leech?

Midwest Unite! Goes Labor Party. PLUS: Interview
With Ed Bruno On the LP's "Style Of Work"

Door To Door For the 28th
Amendment: 5 Chapter Interviews


Analysis Of Republicrats Tax Plans,
Who owns Public TV & Effects of Clinton's NAFTA

July, 1997

"Shorts"....Greed & Gluttony Quiz,
CEO pay, LP marches with UFW

Capitol Hill Shop Steward Chris Townsend

Made In the U.S.A. Convicts

Knock, Knock...LPers Take
28th Amendment Door-to-Door

NAFTA, the NAFTA Index on
Unemployment and its Threat to Organizing

Organizers Report, New
Affiliates, Upcoming LP Events

Organizing Tools

Staff for this Issue of the Labor Party Press

May, 1997

ELECTROCUTED: Utility Companies Get a Big Bailout Plus... 
Who owns the SUN? (Book review) 

Chris Townsend, Capitol Hill Shop Steward: Goodbye Overtime?

Plus....What's UE Campaigns for Workers' Rights On the Hill

National March to Support Detroit
Newspaper Workers: June 20-21

Status Report: 28th Amendment Campaign

Conversations with Peter Kellerman, South Main Labor
Party and Cheri Honkala, from the Kensington Welfare
Rights Union and Labor Party INC member

Labor Party Chapter Convention: Chapters Turn A New Page

Owning Life: Corporate Control Of Our Genes

REPORTS: Labor Party Electoral Committee Named,
Moving to State Organizations, Black Caucus meeting,
Michael Moore Does a Benefit for NYC Chapter

Who's Responsible For This Publication?
(and other pertinent information)

March, 1997

Capitol Hill Shop Steward Chris Townsend:
"It's On To The Next Bipartisan Disaster

A Conversation with UE's Carl Olsen

Price Pfister Workers Go Hungry To Save Their Jobs

A Conversation with Rail Road Worker
Tim Teague on the 28th Amendment Campaign.

Questions and Answers On the 28th Amendment Campaign.

Facts About Jobs & Wages

The Boss Is Getting Away With Murder!

Report From the Interim National Organizer/
Report on Interim National Council Meeting.

Organizing Tools, T-Shirts and More Membership Information

November 1996

Real Full Employment

The Right to a Job

Welfare Law is an Injury to All

Labor Party Plans Revealed ...
Labor Party Activists Tell All!

Labor Party's Lunchtime Quiz

Interim National Council Holds First Meeting

Sorry, Our Convention was Better ...
So, Why Didn't You Cover It?!

1997 Chapter Convention Info

Labor Party Around the Country

Join the Labor Party!

Labor Party Press Info

Current Issue of the Labor Party Press
Labor Party Home Page
Join the Labor Party!